Simple solution with major effect

A well-known automotive manufacturer asked us to solve the following problem: The door lock of one of its upper mid-range models was screwed into the plastic panelling of the car door, but the screw was accessible from the outside – an easy job for pilferers. But only up to the point at which we were allowed to deal with it: A few days after being presented with the problem, we had the solution: The assembly screw was lengthened downwards, the additional piece was given a smaller diameter and the thread was given a lower gradient. After installation, the screw was now secured with a nut, so that it tightens even more when an attempt is being made to open it from the outside. Our customer is thrilled, and the car owners – if they knew about it – would certainly be too.

Small series, quick and low-priced

An industry customer needed a cost-effective specialist screw with a plastic-coated head, which could withstand relatively high torques. Within three days, we produced 100 specimens in turning technology. Afterwards, the plastic coating was sprayed on and service life tests were performed. Only eight weeks later, we delivered the slightly adapted screw, in terms of its geometry, to the customer as a low-priced cold-worked product.