Simple solution with great effect

A well-known car manufacturer asked us to solve the following problem: The door lock of one of its upper mid-range models was screwed into the plastic trim of the car door, but the screw was accessible from the outside – easy pickings for thieves. But not for long: A few days after the task was set, we had the solution: The mounting screw was extended downward, and the additional piece was given a smaller diameter and a thread with a lower pitch. After installation, the bolt is now secured with a nut so that it tightens even more when you try to open it from the outside. Our customer is thrilled, and the car owners – if they knew about it – would certainly be too.

Small series fast and inexpensive

An industrial customer required a low-cost special screw, plastic-coated at the head, which was to be able to absorb relatively high torques. Within three days we produced 100 copies in turning technology. The plastic sheathing was then molded on and durability tests carried out. Just eight weeks later, we delivered the slightly geometrically adapted screw to the customer as a low-cost cold-formed product.