“We don’t know any problems, just solutions!”

With BRUMA Schraub- und Drehtechnik from Velbert, you can find the optimum solution for any of your fastening requirements.

Our production options extend from cold working right up to multi-stage shaping processes and thermal processes, such as hardening, quenching and tempering. In addition to the treatment with the Geomet® or Deltaprotekt® process, surfaces can also be galvanised, nickel-plated, gilded, silver-plated, anodised or burnished. To lock screws, we use VC3®- Polyamid-Fleck®, Precote® and Klemm-Tight® coatings.

Surfaces according to conventional automotive standards

With this wealth of options, we often already have the solution for your specific requirements already in the drawer. Regardless of whether it is customised screws for Maibach or Rolls-Royce, hardened pipe screw necks for the valve industry or needle-fine gold contacts for electrical engineering – here, we can show you what an extraordinary wealth of varieties is behind the simple word SCREW. Browse through and let yourself become inspired!