Logistics, scheduling and warehousing - for your just-in-time production

Fast response and short delivery times are some of the advantages you can expect from us. For your just-in-time production, we can also take care of scheduling and warehousing on request. Especially as a serial consumer, your company will benefit from the savings in storage capacity and the reduced administrative effort.

We keep the material you need – screws, turned parts, fasteners or small parts – in stock and supply you continuously exactly according to your consumption. Of course, we will inform you regularly about the inventory and any necessary replenishment of your external warehouse.

Prototypes - small series as a further strength of our competence

Cost effective, fast and of high quality. We also manufacture single pieces in exotic geometries as well as turned parts as prototypes for cold extrusion parts, set up small series in adapted manufacturing technologies and supply complete assembly groups.

„You sit, we dash“

Fast response and short delivery times are just a few points you can expect from us. For your just-in-time production, we can also take care of scheduling and warehousing on request.

Perfectly assembled and packaged

With our modern half-tube film packaging machines, we can assemble and package your parts in no time. The modularly expandable design of these machines allows optimum adaptation to all packing requirements at any time.

Whether small or large, the same or different, thick or thin small parts – we pack in the desired number of pieces in a variety of possible containers:

  • Large containers and cardboard boxes up to Euro pallet size
  • Small load carriers
  • Polybags up to approx. 8 kg
  • Bags or
  • Your own company containers

Of course, combining different parts is also no problem for us.

Inspection control for highest quality

Whether on a random sample basis or for 100 percent inspection, our sorting machines and eddy current inspection devices check and select multiple features with simultaneous cameras and other technologies for

  • All kinds of screws
  • Cold extrusion parts
  • Pressed and stamped parts
  • Turned parts and pins
  • Washers, nuts, rings, etc.

Our sorting machines preferably check parts with a diameter of 1.5 to 14 mm and up to a length of 200 mm. The number of parameters to be checked can be optimally adapted to the specific product; we also check and sort other sizes and parts on request. We achieve the highest quality standard currently attainable – an essential prerequiste for automatic screwing and machine processing.

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