Turned parts

Turned parts

We make your requirements our business

The world of turned parts is limited only by our ingenuity – if that. Even the seemingly impossible becomes reality with automatic lathes and production machines. Whether steel or aluminum, brass or rare alloys, BRUMA Schraub- und Drehtechnik from Velbert puts your ideas into the right shape. We also deliver quickly and reliably in virtually any batch size.

Our screws are manufactured on the most modern machines from bar stock from 2 to 100 mm in diameter, from various materials such as steel, brass, aluminum, VA (Nirosta), alternatively also from lead-free materials.

  • CNC single spindle automatic lathes 2 – 100 mm
  • CNC sliding headstock automatic lathes 2 – 32 mm
  • CNC multi-spindle automatic machines 5 – 52 mm
  • Automatic indexing table 4 – 25 mm
  • ESCO automatic ring lathe 1 – 6 mm

Examples of creative ideas and their perfect implementation can be found here.